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Take a Can of Salmon
Invalid Cookin'
Products of Metabolism
Aunt Jenny
Got the Munchies
Depressing 40's Foods
Politically Incorrect
Breakfrasts of Terror
Wartime Cookin'
Mac N Cheese Hell
The Tasteless 80's
Convenience Foods Gone Awry
All About Sausage
Unusual Marketing
When Mom Drops Acid
Crazy Eyes
Nummie Nummie

Jello Hell-o

Sancho has been compulsively collecting cookbooks for two decades. His paws have accumulated dozens of cookbooks, cooking pamphlets, and advertising leaflets over the years. He has schlepped them from address to address, state to state, through two husbands, a few boyfriends and a career or three. They are one of his most prized possesion. His roommate Peggy's most prized possession is Sancho.

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If you noticed my URL says "recipesofthedamned": I just want to say that there was already an awesome vintage recipe blog named that when I created this page years ago. Several months after seeing that site one late night I had one of those "glad I thought of this snappy title" deals, not actually remembering I had seen it somewhere before... then several months later I stumbled back onto the site again and realized I had made a douchebag-ish error. So to whoever you are, Ms or Mr Recipes of the Damned - sorry, I wasnt trying to steal your thunder.